Motivation for Sports

Motivation to exercise is an important aspect, in some cases as important as the training process itself. The initial emotional jolt that got you off the couch for the first time will eventually wear off, and the desire to train will gradually wane – that’s normal. Motivation – an idea or process of a psychological nature that moves a person on the way to his or her goal – will come to the rescue.

At such moments, it is enough for some to say to themselves “get up and go”, while others have to struggle painfully with themselves, to make sacrifices. This article is for those who need help, need motivation. But this article will not be what others have: quotes, videos, hackneyed advice. The author is an athlete himself, and has gone through all the stages of the decline and rise on his own.

I will recommend what works – two effective methods of motivation to sport.

Promise Yourself a Reward

Just promise yourself after a workout to buy, for example, a favorite ice cream, and that’s it – your body happily gets up from a comfortable chair in front of the fireplace and runs to the gym. In fact, your mind will first make a reasonable message to your body: if you can buy ice cream after your workout, why not skip the unnecessary mediator between the ice cream and your body – the workout – and buy it now? That’s most likely what will happen: you’ll eat the ice cream, you won’t go to the gym.

Think Positively

The idea is to motivate yourself by visualizing the end result. Imagine abs instead of a beer belly, think how great it will be, and go ahead – pump abs. The ineffectiveness of this methodology was demonstrated during the experiment by Gabriel Ettington, a psychologist at New York University. The idea is that one burns out emotionally by daydreaming on the couch. That emotional energy should be expended on real training, not virtual training.

Quotes from Great Athletes

In fact, after watching a couple of videos or memes, a person is likely to say, “Yeah, that’s cool, I’ll definitely start going out for my morning and evening runs…starting tomorrow/Monday, because I have so much to do today.” We all know the value of the word “tomorrow.”

I’m not saying that these methods haven’t helped anyone, I’m just saying that their effectiveness tends to zero for very specific reasons – you already have to have enough willpower to motivate yourself without any deals or rewards in order to use them. Although many motivational quotes for female athletes can be effective. So what to do for those who want to exercise, but can not overpower themselves?

To do this, you have to force your mind, which usually seeks the path of least resistance, to perceive training as something obligatory, and to equate skipping training with a real loss and to experience real negative emotions from this loss.

Psychological Techniques of Motivation to Sport

These are techniques that are based on specific psychological factors. Zero self-deception, maximum profit. And if telling yourself to “get up and go” is not enough motivation for you, why not resort to little tricks and tips?

These techniques are exactly two, but each of them works, as you can see immediately, without distracting yourself from reading this article. These are psychological tricks that really make your mind look at the situation in a new way.

Form the Right Associative Series

Have you heard the stories that thought is material, and you can make your life better with positive thinking? This is the same story, only without the self-deception and tedious visualizations. You and I will play on your own lust for possession and fear of loss, and these are known to be some of the strongest and most vivid emotions.

If the workout is in jeopardy because you’re ready to bargain with yourself again, imagine yourself as you are unadorned in this moment. Got a beer belly or saggy flanks? Don’t be shy, imagine. The place doesn’t matter, the important thing is to keep the image in your head without difficulty.

Admit to yourself honestly that there is no adequate reason to skip a workout. There is something that is preventing you from making yourself. What is it at this particular moment: tired after work, the desire to sit at the computer? 90% of the time, it’s what you want to do instead of working out that gets in your way.

Make a Pledge in Public

The method is just as simple and just as effective. On a soft couch you can be the master of his word: if you want – gave it to yourself, if you want – took it back. But to lose credibility in the eyes of friends and colleagues because of their weakness and softness – quite another conversation! And if in your environment the loss of reputation is an acceptable risk, then your choice is a monetary bet on an impressive sum. The possibility of a sudden loss of real money motivates even the hardened lazybones.

You can start with a solemn promise to your friends and colleagues to exercise at a certain pace, and as proof, for example, to publish every day in social networks videos of training from the gym. Believe me, be sure to find one or two caring people who will become your harsh critics, ready to literally give you a public trial for any weakness. If you have not yet had time to acquire friends and colleagues, the role of arbitrators will work and social networks. Give a promise, for example, on the “wall” of one of the groups about sports, and you will be closely watched, even if strangers, but very real people.

A Money Bet Is a Motivation for the Confident or the Desperate

A money wager is a great way to “fuel” your pledge. Agree with friends or acquaintances that for every day you miss a workout, you will pay one of them a contribution. To rule out cheating and cowardice, appoint someone as an arbitrator and give him or her a sum of money equal to the skips for the week ahead. Now that there is a monetary motivation in the dispute, the smallest sign of your weakness will be watched for by your betting partner! People don’t like to lose money.

If you are confident in your abilities, you can even make money on your willpower. On the popular online platform stickK, launched by Yale University’s staff, you can make your intentions known to the world, give a deadline, and put your reputation or money on the line. Your bid will be backed by other users of the site. If you fail, you lose the bet; if you win, you’ll earn a little extra.


Motivation is a must in the life of anyone, even a professional athlete. The main thing – do not give weakness, because if you once made a deal with his weakness and laziness, with each subsequent time to take a cowardly decision will be easier and easier.